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At Northeast Wushu Academy we provide several programs that might meet your needs.


Our most popular program is self defense in Qing Long Wushu.

We don't offer a watered down version of what once was a traditional fighting art. If you can not have positive results from your present program feel free to try what we off free of charge for two weeks.

We don't have over inflated prices with added belt ranks just to make more money. We don't charge you yearly for you to retain your rank.

At Northeast Wushu Academy our bottom line is the quality that goes into each student before the belt goes on.

For more about Qing Long Wushu see our sister site at Qing Long


For those more interested in health related classes we offer Qigong.

Qigong is thousands of years old and has a remarkable history of keeping people healthy, minimizing diseases, and slowing the aging process.

In today's world with the cost of care rising and the big drug companies wanting your money, qigong may be a way for you to maintain or improve your health and reduce your dependency upon high priced drugs.

Classes can be from simple to complex techniques geared to specific health concerns or as an overall health maintenance program.


Contrary to popular belief, Tai Chi was not developed to improve one's health. Tai Chi is actually an ancient Chinese fighting art that is performed slowly and promoted as a way to improve your health. Although there can be some benefit to practicing Tai Chi, it was not design for the purpose of maintaining or improving health .


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